• Westrandweg motorway viaduc, The Netherlands

    CONSOLIS provided precast concrete elements for the development of the Westrandweg motorway that passes through Schiphol and the Amsterdam Harbour in the Netherlands.

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  • Land speed world record on Sateba sleepers, France

    The current land speed world record for a train is held by a French TGV that reached 574.8 km/h on a track exclusively equipped with SATEBA railway sleepers.

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  • MuCEM, France

    BONNA SABLA took advantage of the flexible architectural and strong structural properties of Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced concrete making the MuCEM the world’s first post-constrained building with structural fibre-reinforced concrete elements.

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  • Tramway border and platforms, France

    SITINAO created a customized product for the 27 km of tram track border.

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  • Statoil HQ, Norway

    We provided prefabricated concrete beams and floors for the iconic, award-winning Statoil building in Oslo.

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CONSOLIS is a leading European industrial group specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance precast concrete products.


We provide sustainable construction solutions for residential and non-residential construction; urban and rural planning; transportation infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, bridges and tunnels; fresh and wastewater distribution and drainage; and specific industrial needs such as power stations. All our construction solutions are specifically adapted to the industrial, geographical and climatic environment in which they are used.