About us

Building local communities

Welcome to Consolis, the European leader in precast concrete solutions for the building and utilities sectors.

With 9,000 employees and 20 companies in 17 countries, we provide architects, construction companies and community builders with smart, sustainable, and highly engineered pre-cast elements, enabling them to create beautiful homes, offices, universities, hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers, landmark buildings, airports and infrastructure that will serve local communities – for centuries to come.

Together, we build the societies of tomorrow. 

A word from our CEO

After joining the company in September 2020, I defined two strategic priorities for Consolis. I wanted to focus our operations on our core building business, where we have a market leading position in Europe. And I wanted to unlock the construction industry’s environmental challenges.

During 2021, we have divested the Rail division and the Civil Works division. This means that our 9,000 employees at 47 production facilities in 17 countries can now fully focus on our core business: providing precast concrete solutions for the building and utilities sectors. With a sharper focus, Consolis has already become more customer-centric and much faster in bringing new solutions and technologies to the market.

Our new focus also creates fantastic opportunities to unlock the environmental challenges of the construction industry. We do so by providing the best and most sustainable concrete that money can buy, and by increasing the penetration of precast concrete over in-situ concrete. The industry has realized that prefabricated concrete radically reduces the environmental footprint of buildings, and as the market leader in precast, we are well equipped to capitalize on the increasing demand. What’s good for the planet, is also good for our business.

My first year at Consolis has offered an exciting journey with amazing results. One that could not have happened without the energy and passion of all our employees, partners and customers. But rest assured, this is just the beginning!

Mikael Stöhr

CEO Consolis Group