About us

Building local communities

Welcome to Consolis, the European leader in precast concrete solutions for the building and utilities sectors.

With 8,000 employees and 20 companies in 17 countries, we provide architects, construction companies and community builders with smart, sustainable, and highly engineered pre-cast elements, enabling them to create beautiful homes, offices, universities, hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers, landmark buildings, airports and infrastructure that will serve local communities – for centuries to come.

Together, we build the societies of tomorrow. 

A word from our CEO

A year ago, we launched our new strategy with the aim of being a new force in this industry. I´m proud to say that we, together with our customers, are well on our way to fulfill that ambition. Despite challenging times in the world, we keep moving forward, working proactively to keep building the four pillars of our strategy.

First, we have strengthened our customer relationships. By working with a much more sophisticated customer segmentation, we have strengthened the partnerships with our most important customers. As a result, we often enter the process earlier than before; giving us the opportunity to have a more comprehensive approach to our customers’ challenges.
Another positive effect of our strategic partnerships are low-carbon concrete solutions. They are now being rolled out in large projects, playing an important role in our customers’ journeys towards climate neutrality.

We have also shown that we are an important local community builder. By creating climate-smart offices, homes, hospitals, schools, and logistic centers on all our markets, we help build the fundament of sustainable societies.

Throughout the whole Consolis group, we have implemented a common human-centric culture that rests on three foundations: Safe & Friendly, Collaborative and Result-oriented. I am happy to say that this new collaborative spirit has delivered true team excellence.

Finally, we have stepped up to the most important challenge of our time – climate change. By introducing Consolis Green Spine Line® with certified and sustainable precast products, solutions, and methods, we have become forerunners for sustainability in our industry.
To speed up time to market for new more sustainable solutions, we have shaped our R&D into an innovation lab. A testbed for innovative new technologies to reduce the environmental impact of concrete.

We have picked up speed and now we keep accelerating. To take all our good initiatives, solutions, and partnerships to the next level. To build better, smarter, and more efficient. To speed up the journey towards being a new force in this industry, and to create a more sustainable future.

Mikael Stöhr

CEO Consolis Group