Norway to offer Green Spine Line® certified hollow cores

Norway to offer Green Spine Line® certified hollow cores

We are pleased to announce that Consolis in Norway will soon offer its customers hollow core slabs with 53 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to local industry standards.

We are also delighted that nearly 30 percent of Consolis’ total production volume in the first six months of 2023 were Green Spine Line® products.

Consolis Green Spine Line® is our strong commercial offer to customers who want to lower their carbon dioxide emissions even further. This is in addition to choosing precast products with reduced climate impact compared to in situ concrete.

Norway is our sixth market with Green Spine Line® certified products. An offer that will make a significant difference on our Norwegian customers’ journey to lower the carbon dioxide footprint of their building projects.

I am so proud that we in Norway have certified our hollow core slabs according to the Consolis Green Spine Line® criteria. This is a result of our teams’ great work, focusing on optimizing the concrete recipe of our hollow cores. The sales team and I are looking forward to launching this to our customers and helping them on their journey to lowering their environmental footprint”, says Kathrine Lyngstad, MD, Consolis Spenncon Norway.

We continue to see a strong and increasing appetite for these products as they enable our customers to reach their own ambitious CO2 reduction targets. Our Green Spine Line® also delivers higher than average margins, which we believe is good evidence of a willingness among our customers to pay for competence in material technology,” says Mikael Stöhr, CEO of Consolis.

30 percent of the total production volume of Green Spine Line®

Since its launch in 2022, the Green Spine Line has received a warm welcome from our customers.  In the first half of 2023, close to 30 percent of Consolis’ total produced volume was Green Spine Line® products. This is a great achievement by our sales and support teams in the Consolis Group!

It equals approximately 535,000 tons of certified products with a direct saving of over 17,200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to regular precast concrete.

We are dedicated to taking the lead in reducing the carbon dioxide footprint in the construction industry. Now, with product roll-out across six of our core markets, we are truly showing how we are approaching it heads-on, with deeds and not only words. And this is only the beginning, more markets and products are in the pipeline.