Innovation and collaboration key to carbon reduction in North Stockholm residential building

Innovation and collaboration key to carbon reduction in North Stockholm residential building

In Sweden, Consolis is working with customers AF Bygg and ByggVesta on a full-scale residential project with the joint goal – to test and find innovative, cost-effective ways to build sustainably and reduce carbon emissions.

Consolis is delivering walls cast with husk ashes and low-carbon products from the Green Spine Line® to the residential building Hestur, with 220 rental and student apartments, in North Stockholm. Hestur is following the customer ByggVesta’s incentive program to identify measures to reduce the project’s climate impact.

Early collaboration leads to carbon reduction

Consolis in Sweden was involved at an early stage in the project and could thereby give holistic advice. That has resulted in, among other things, Consolis developing the concrete mix with husk ashes and also recommending a slimmer structure and using Green Spine Line® low-carbon products.

Measurable climate benefits

Using husk ash as an alternative binder to cement in this full-scale project has led to striking results: a husk ash wall contains 117 CO2e/ton compared to a regular gray wall that contains 163 kg CO2e/ton.

– We are committed to leading the sustainable transformation of our industry and this collaboration is a great example of how we are breaking new ground and lowering the carbon footprint together with our customers, says Mikael Stöhr, CEO of Consolis.

Data from all parties of the project is shared with the Mistra Carbon Exit project at Chalmers University of Technology for third-party verification of the results and climate benefits. The research results will be presented when the project is complete, later this year.

Green Spine Line® products in full scale

In addition to the husk ash walls, a large part of the concrete elements in this North Stockholm residential building consists of our certified Green Spine Line® products: hollow core slabs and gray walls. Our Green Spine Line® walls contain 124 CO2e /ton, 26 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to industry standards.

A  wall cast with husk ash and painted green to symbolize the climate improvements is assembled at a residential building in North Stockholm, Sweden.

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