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Executive Management Team

Mikael Stöhr


Mikael joined Consolis on September 1, 2020. The first 25 years of his career were split between general industry and services business, taking place in the Nordics, but also in Russia. Before joining Consolis, he was CEO and President of Coor Service Management - a leading provider of facility management services in the Nordic countries. He holds degrees in law and business administration from Lund University, Sweden.

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5 Functional Heads

Daniel Warnholtz


Stefan Rinaldo

Operational Development

Emmanuelle Cochard

General Counsel

Pieter Godderis

Business Development

Liselotte Bergmark

HR & Communications

6 Managing Directors

Hannu Tuukkala

Finland and Baltics

Stefan Ohlsson


Magnus Strøm

Norway and Denmark

Eduard Van Der Meer

The Netherlands

Bogdan Bulgaria

Eastern Europe

Marcelo Monteiro de Miranda