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Concrete solutions for today and tomorrow

Consolis is a leading industrial Group providing smart, sustainable precast concrete structures for the building and utilities sectors. With more than 10,000 employees in 17 countries throughout the world, the Group generated €1 billion sales in 2020 excluding the assets that have since been divested or are in the process of being divested. Discover our Group, markets, businesses and people in less than 3 minutes:

We provide sustainable construction solutions for residential and non-residential construction; urban and rural planning; transportation infrastructure such as roads, airports, bridges and tunnels; fresh and wastewater distribution and drainage; and specific industrial needs such as power stations. All our construction solutions are specifically adapted to the industrial, geographical and climatic environment in which they are used.

Not only do we provide solutions that fit the needs of a rapidly evolving global marketplace, but we also anticipate the market’s future requirements. Consolis R&D teams are continually developing innovative materials, products, methods and manufacturing processes to ensure that our solutions are sustainable for today and tomorrow.

Operational and Design Excellence programme – CODE

Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience in the building and civil works industry, we offer multiple solutions to clients around the world. Beyond our technical know-how, we are engaged in a process of Continuous Improvement to better satisfy our customers every day.

CODE, the Consolis Operational Design and Excellence programme aims to fulfil this objective and enable us to get the best out of our expertise.
Manufacturing more simply and more efficiently is the objective for all functions across our organisation. At Consolis, every individual in every sector is contributing to this goal, favouring teamwork and sharing best practices.

Safety First

“Towards a zero accident culture” is the Group safety policy, signed by Consolis CEO and every local managers. We aim to ensure a secure environment for our employees and subcontractors. The overall safety approach relies on a risk-based approach involving trainings, standards & procedures and sharing of best practices throughout the Group. In terms of culture, we focus on 3 key attitudes to prevent accidents:

  • I look at my trajectory
  • I stay out of the line of fire
  • I use the appropriate tool and in good condition

Every March, we host an annual safety week to reinforce engagement of all the Group’s employees.