/ Pressure pipes

A pioneer in pressure pipes

Consolis’ specialist brand BONNA has been setting standards for the pressure pipes industry for more than a hundred years. Precast concrete is an excellent material for containment and its proven strength and resilience mean no leakage and centuries of performance. Today, we deliver state-of-the-art pipe designs and offer an extensive range of products and solutions for water and sewerage networks, including reinforced concrete pipes up to a diameter of four meters.

Our pressure pipes are used in many major development projects around the world for applications such as follows:

  • Water supply, irrigation and sewerage systems
  • Industrial pipe work in power stations, chemical or petrochemical plants
  • Sea outfalls
  • Desalination plants
  • Cooling systems
  • Fire-hydrant systems

Steel and concrete – a winning combination

Consolis combines the performance and characteristics of concrete and steel to manufacture steel cylinder concrete pipes. The high compressive strength of concrete, together with the high tensile strength of steel, provides higher resistance against the following:

  • External stress (impact and penetration, vehicle loads, etc.)
  • Pressure
  • Vacuum conditions (empty pipelines, sudden emptying, etc.)
  • Corrosion, abrasion and climatic conditions (i.e., durability)

This makes the steel cylinder concrete pipe an ideal choice for underground work involving jacking, horizontal drilling or microtunnelling, pipelines under extreme loads, trench networks with high gravity and pressure or underwater sea pipelines.

The durability and technical performance of our steel cylinder concrete pipes are unmatched – a BONNA wastewater pipeline installed in France in 1894 is still in service!

Bonna pipes are excelling in underwater projects – a case study

When the steel pipeline that brings drinking water to the 500, 000 inhabitants of Geneva started showing signs of corrosion, the local water utility, the Services Industriels de Genève, commissioned BONNA for its renewal.

BONNA was selected on the basis of its decades of expertise in underground maritime and fluvial water pipe manufacture, installation and maintenance. The ambitious project in Geneva involved manufacturing and installing more than 2km of specially made 12-metric ton steel cylinder concrete pipes.

Pipeline in Bonna pressure concrete pipes

The Bonna pipes were manufactured and delivered on site by BONNA before being welded together in sections measuring from 30 to 425 meters each. Floats were attached to each section for transporting underwater to the final destination, where a trench had been dug at the bottom of Lake Leman. This transportation method had the advantage of reducing the pipe weight and of simplifying the transfer of each section through heavy navigational traffic. Once the pipeline sections were in place underwater, specialized divers fitted the sections together and checked that the joints were watertight. The pipeline was then emptied, the ventilation installed and welding finished.

Successfully completing this challenging project in just under two years enabled BONNA to reinforce its position as a steel cylinder pipe leader, boasting 10,000 km of pipes laid in nearly 50 countries around the world.