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Urban and rural sanitation solutions

Regional authorities and urban planning departments face many challenges today: the management of drinking water networks, the collection and treatment of rain water and the organization of wastewater and sewerage treatment systems. The management of these services must also take into consideration the protection of biodiversity, as well as flooding and pollution risks.

Through pioneering developments made by our Bonna Sabla subsidiary, we have a long history of delivering leading-edge designs for durable, watertight solutions in reinforced concrete for drinking water, rainwater, wastewater and sewerage systems.

Through our specialized brands Bonna Sabla, Bonna HP and Dunex we offer a wide range of precast concrete products:

Innovative design and product development

Aquacadre a rainwater collection systemConsolis engineers constantly research and develop new designs, products and materials with the aim of providing new solutions to meet the challenges of the sanitation industry. A case in point is the Aquacadre®, a rainwater collection system designed to optimize maintenance costs by ensuring a constant flow of water and waste particles even with low throughput. Another flagship product design is the Moduloval culvert, a sewer culvert with an oval internal cross-section for optimized flow regulation and calibration.

Consolis also provides atypical structures with customized size and weight, which can be produced as one or several elements and keyed on site.