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Creating spaces for living, working and meeting

Consolis is the largest provider of concrete building elements and solutions in Europe. Our expertise spans from project management and design to production and assembly. Our construction know-how also includes solutions that encompass heating, ventilation and air conditioning mechanisms.

We collaborate with architects, engineers, property developers, construction companies and their subcontractors to provide solutions for all major construction market segments:

From high-rise apartments to individual family houses, public buildings, sports complexes and more… Consolis has a solution for today’s and tomorrow’s construction needs. We provide structural and non-structural elements as well as integrated frame solutions encompassing an erected frame and complete building envelope.

Our product offer includes prestressed hollowcore floors, facades, walls, roofing elements, beams, columns, flooring and stairs, but we can also provide custom-made specific elements. Some of our products such as TermoDeck® incorporate heating, cooling and ventilation.

More efficient, flexible, cost-effective solutions

Today’s construction industry requires innovative materials that are strong, flexible and cost-effective. Consolis precast elements, such as hollowcore slabs and ready-made sandwich walls, speed up construction time and ensure top quality results. Pipe floors, integrated hollowcore slabs and walls allow space for pipes and conduits for increased building flexibility and adaptability. These unique solutions all comply with current standards for thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance and air quality.

Consolis works alongside other players in the construction industry to develop sophisticated technical solutions that constantly set new standards and enable the creation of innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, architectural designs.

Design and durability of Precast concrete

Design and durability

Precast concrete is perfectly adapted to the construction needs of today and tomorrow as it combines the benefits of mass production, customization and systematic quality control with cost-efficiency. Consolis is constantly developing new and improved concrete products in order to lower buildings’ energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.

Versatility flexible production techniques


Our flexible production techniques enable us to manufacture facades, lift shafts, stairs and much more. We provide precast concrete elements for sports facilities such as stadiums, skating rinks, indoor and outdoor climbing walls and even bobsleigh runs.

Building workspace optimization

Space optimization

Our solutions allow infinite flexibility in workspace configuration thanks to complete precast systems that use extra-long-span hollowcore slabs for flooring. This technology enables the design of extra-large open floor spaces with high load capacity and a minimum number of pillars — or even no pillars at all.

Texture and colour product

Texture and colour

CONSOLIS’ concrete products come in a multitude of colours, shades and textures. A smooth grey surface is no longer the only option: precast concrete offers a multitude of combinations for creative building design.

Urbanization and global trends in the construction market

Thanks to our involvement in construction projects around the globe, we gain insights into industry and urbanization trends. This enables us to better understand and anticipate the challenges our industry will face and ensures that Consolis continues to provide adapted sustainable building solutions for all sectors.

Our involvement in trade associations ensures that we contribute to defining the standards and labels for our industry. In addition, it helps us to ensure that the key messages on the benefits of concrete are relayed to external audiences