Our strategy

Value creation for people and planet

Consolis is a community builder, contributing long-term value not only for our owners, but also for customers, society, employees and the planet. 

When taking on a project, we do not only provide sustainable, high-quality precast concrete. Our design and manufacturing should also improve the quality of life in the communities where we work.

To become successful, our strategy rests on four equally important pillars:


With a customer-centric mindset and deep understanding of customer needs, and urban planning, Consolis builds stronger relationships and best-in-class customer satisfaction.


With support functions and scalable processes at group level, our motto for doing business is: For locals, by locals. 

By knowing our communities, we understand how design, trade, manufacturing and assembly should work to add value in each local market.


Consolis’ success is built by people. 

We house the best leaders and experts, invest in our employees, and provide endless opportunities for individuals and teams to grow. 

When our teams progress, our business will thrive.


We stand out by unlocking the construction industry’s environmental challenges. With full transparency, a superior CO2 performance in our products and a sustainability strategy that supports the UN Global Compact Principles, we combine industry-leading ambitions for carbon reduction, with actionable efforts in all markets.

Doing things right

How we do things has become as important as what we do, not only for our employees but also for high-demanding customers and partners. Bringing value to all parties, our human-centric culture rests on three foundations:

Safe and Friendly

A safe culture where people can achieve their full potential


A sharing culture where we help each other and become stronger – as a group and together with our customers


An action-oriented culture, where we focus on getting things done

Re-defining success

At Consolis, we take a holistic approach to success with the triple bottom line framework measuring Consolis’ efforts across all dimensions of sustainability. The triple bottom line helps us go from industry-leading ambitions to actionable tasks, covering all areas of the organization and aligning with the UN’s global goals. 

Our success is thus defined by: