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/ TermoDeck®

TermoDeck® is a low energy system for the distribution of heating, cooling and ventilation in your building, through the channels of concrete hollow-core slabs.

TermoDeck® is well proven with over 400 projects (2.000.000 m²) delivered world-wide covering different building types (including residential apartment as well as non-residential office, education, health care and other buildings) and global climates (from cold, temperate to hot and dry or hot and humid). About half of the projects are delivered in Sweden, including highly energy efficient passive and zero energy buildings.

Instead of using conventional HVAC systems such as water-based radiators for heating and chilled beams or fan-coils for ventilation and cooling, TermoDeck is all of that integrated in your concrete building. Actively utilizing the thermal mass of the building TermoDeck provides a cost effective alternative with less environmental impact than traditional solutions.


TermoDeck® advantages 

Low initial and running costs

  • When TermoDeck is used in combination with concrete facades or similar building envelope, often no radiators or mechanical cooling (e.g. cooling coils) are needed
  • If additional cooling is necessary, it can be integrated with our solution, resulting in lower cooling power demand and related installation costs

Simple, easy and good looking

  • A minimum of exposed piping (slim)
  • No radiators needed (easy to decorate and clean)

High comfort

  • No risk of noise and draughts
  • Floor and ceiling act as big radiators delivering outstanding comfort (unique is that heating or cooling energy is transferred to the room mainly via radiation and not convection)
  • Lower indoor temperatures during summer time


  • Delivered world-wide in various building types and various climates

Contributes to sustainability

  • In general, concrete’s versatility provide opportunities to score credits, either directly or indirectly in wide range of categories of sustainability assessment systems such as BREEAM. TermoDeck in particular enhance the sustainability performance of buildings contributing to Health & Wellbeing, Energy and Material efficiency but also other categories
  • TermoDeck is awarded by the WWF initiative Climate Solver as low energy and low CO2 heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

About TermoDeck® system

  • Works with all sorts of primary energy systems like district heating, ground source pumps etc.
  • Control system is conventional
  • After building is taken in use and ”tuned” maintenance can be carried out by anyone with HVAC competence
  • Works in both residential as well as non residential building types.

Consolis Offer

  • We calculate and design the TermoDeck system based on the demands in your project
  • We provide input to and coordinate with your HVAC designer
  • We design and deliver the TermoDeck slabs
  • We design and deliver control instructions, as input to your system
  • We provide all customers with written instructions and two years of free system monitoring

More information about TermoDeck: http://www.termodeck.com/