Spenncon to supply housing project with 18,000 tons of elements

Spenncon to supply Strinda Hageby housing project with nearly 18,000 tons of elements

Strinda Hageby, one of the major housing projects currently underway in the Granåsen area in Norway, consists of 450 housing units, and surrounding parks and gardens. The project marks the start of important developments in the area, which are expected to last several years.

Spenncon, our Norwegian subsidiary will play a key role in Strinda Hageby, having been chosen to design, manufacture and assemble all concrete elements for the project. Spenncon will also design and assemble 460 tons of steel structures.

Spenncon’s Verdal plant will supply a total of 17,950 tons of concrete elements, comprising 28,000 m² of hollow core slabs, 6,800 m² of compact walls, 1,600 tons of prefabricated support systems and 4,300 m² of balconies or galleries. The two-stage installation started in April 2017 and will be completed by mid-April 2018.