/ Signalbygget: a successful project using BIM

2 December 2019

Signalbygget is a seven-story office building in Trondheim, Norway, in which all precast structural elements were designed and manufactured by Consolis.

A successful project thanks to BIM-based cooperation

The use of BIM was a key driver to achieve the distinctive architecture but also to effective collaboration across disciplines (architectural, structural, plumbing, ventilation and electrical). This project highlights the close cooperation developed between Consolis Spenncon and CES in Poland (the latter located 1600km away from the building site). Remotely, our design team provided an up-to-date model to help discussions to progress smoothly for every project meeting that took place in Norway. Working this way made it possible to construct an efficient precast structure without sacrificing the elegant and modern architecture.

Completion is expected in April 2020.