Residents of Esplugues have regained their market hall enhanced with our GRC panels

Near Barcelona, the Can Vidalet Market has been rebuilt with distinctive architecture from MIAS Architects. Consolis Tecnyconta has delivered striking coloured and curved glass-fibre-reinforced concrete panels (GRC) that meet the architect’s unique vision. The panels were treated with red and green dies applied manually to achieve a gradient finish. A visual finish has also been applied to some of the panels to imitate an old facade with years of torn and superimposed advertising posters.
The work is not only aesthetic but also technical as the facade panels are curved on the upper part. These elements have been manufactured on curved moulds of R = 11.80 m. The straight panels are placed on a metal structure, mostly welded, combined with mechanical anchoring on a concrete slab.
As pointed out by Marcelo Miranda, Prefabricados Tecnyconta CEO, this project illustrates “how concrete material is versatile; these are very light walls and the architect was able to create a unique design for each panel, all finalized in our plant. Precast can be flexible and design-friendly”.