/ Rennes metro line B

Rennes metro line B :

  • Name : Rennes metro line B
  • Construction Year : 2015 - 2018
  • Address : Rennes, France

Bonna Sabla has been designing and manufacturing tunnels for over 35 years, both for the French market and for export. The installation of the rings as the tunneling machine advances requires the installation of an efficient manufacturing tool: stopping the tunnel boring machine due to lack of segments or a problem of quality would be catastrophic and extremely expensive.

On the Bruz site, where Bonna Sabla has been producing the 30,000 segments for the Rennes metro line for nearly 3 years, a carousel system – to discover in video – has been installed to produce at high cycle rates.

Elaine, Rennes’ metro line B tunnel boring machine, broke through on February 28, completing its tunnel drive and marking the end of a 8,5 kilometers odyssey beneath Rennes Métropole. A news story made by Rennes Métropole revisits the stages of this vast project.

Read more about the project on Bonna Sabla’s website.