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Every year, the Consolis group contributes to hundreds of well-built constructions, providing well-being for people in their local communities.

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Ericsson Kista

Ericsson Kista is an office building located in Stockholm made for the Ericsson telecommunication company. Strängbetong, Consolis’ Swedish subsidiary, delivered this building in June 2010

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Hotel CABINN Metro by Spæncom

Cabinn Metro Hotel

Designed by the world-renowned American architect Daniel Libeskind, the Cabinn Metro Hotel is one of the most modern hotels in Denmark. The 15-storey arched building

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Acontank farm container

CABRO team is erecting a 6,000 m³ Acontank™ farm container in Saaremaa, Estonia. E-Betoonelement and Kuressaare Ehitus have entered into a contract to design the Haeska farm container

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