Our offering

Customer partnership

We partner with our customers to really understand their customers’ needs, both today and in the future, always with the aim of developing our customers’ long-term business.

We create concrete solutions with smarter precast building elements and long-life reconfigurable designs, allowing us to make more from less, and to lead the sustainable transformation of our industry.

Precast concrete can be shaped into a wide range of modular structures. With 100 years of expertise, our group collaborates with architects, construction companies and utilities to develop residential and non-residential buildings and important infrastructure for the societies of the future.

Our product offer includes prestressed hollowcore floors, facades, walls, roofing elements, beams, columns, flooring and stairs, but we also provide custom-made specific elements. Some of our products, such as TermoDeck®, incorporate heating, cooling and ventilation.

Customer partnerships are also key so we together can take on the sustainability challenges and aim for climate neutrality.  Building strong, transparent, and holistic makes it easier to come up with new, smart solutions to reduce the environmental impact. Consolis Green Spine Line® embraces the whole sustainability challenge.

Residential buildings

Precast concrete offer very attractive features for use in residential applications. 

In terms of fire resistance, acoustic insulation as well as durability and maintenance, precast concrete is the way to go. 

Combined with its predictability and faster project execution, prefabricated solutions are highly suitable for general housing and residential purposes.

Non-residential buildings

Precast concrete provides all the qualities required for large-scale commercial constructions. 

With prefabricated modules created in controlled environment, we bring speed, safety, cost-efficiency and superior design to any architectural vision – with low environmental impact.

We deliver precast solutions for a full range of non-residential buildings. Here are some examples:


Consolis offers standard as well as tailored solutions for most logistic centers. Precast concrete provides open floor & wall solutions that can easily be adjusted and adapted to business needs. 

Combined with a faster construction phase, this delivers attractive economic benefits.

Sports & entertainment arenas

Designs solutions for arenas and entertainment centers often demand multi-use solutions. Hosting and managing crowd logistics demand high flexibility in terms of structural design, which precast concrete masters well. 

With a sharp focus on engineering and quality, Consolis’ precast-based arenas provide architects and general contractors with room for creativity while maximizing layout flexibility in terms of use and design.


Precast parking garages and parking buildings are often the preferred choice for designers, the reason being the superior speed of construction, economy, and attractive life cycle costs.

Consolis offers standard solutions with excellent parking efficiencylayout flexibility and different architectural options such as inlays and many different textures and colorings.

Community buildings

Schools, hospitals, elderly care homes and kindergartens all need the highest quality building materials. 

Consolis’ building system for all types of social care buildings is well suited for the high demands placed on these buildings. Small cold bridges, good u-values and high air tightness, does not only contribute to efficient energy performance, they also ensure the high hygiene requirements of the buildings. In large, our facade solutions make all of this possible. Add to that, an almost endless palette for design!


With its proven strength and resilience, precast concrete is well suited for use in many applications in utilities and industries. Any solution involving water supply, pipe or trench-based transport of liquids, desalination and cooling can use various precast solutions or different steel cylinder concrete pipe-based systems. 

Consolis has extensive experience of combining the performance and characteristics of concrete and steel to manufacture steel cylinder concrete pipes. These provide higher resistance against external stress, pressure and corrosion, abrasion and climatic conditions.