Precast solutions

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Creating spaces for living, working and meeting​

Imagine the world’s greatest football stadiums. Think of university buildings, hospitals, logistic centers, and parking garages. Then think of all types of residential building and water supply system. There you have the backdrop of our lives: important community buildings – and a good idea of constructions where precast concrete modules, such as hollowcore slabs and readymade sandwich walls, contribute to faster, stronger, more cost-efficient and more sustainable construction.

Precast concrete can be used for almost all structural systems and in combination with almost all other materials. It offers endless design variations and realizes the most spectacular architectural vision. Add to that the inherent high quality, safety and longevity derived from being made in a controlled industrial process, and you have a solution that will serve you and future generations well, without requiring excessive renovation or maintenance.

Planning and design

Precast concrete gives architects and owners a unique combination of control and flexibility. Based on known, safe and defined core components, the sky is the limit for using graphical and visionary building materials on surfaces or as part of the concrete finishing. 

And the strength of pre-tensioned precast concrete gives you increased flexibility for future layout adaptations.


Produced off-site under controlled conditions, precast components guarantee quality and predictability and ensures that components are thoroughly verified and inspected. It also allows for efficient and just-in-time project logistics.

At the building site, precast concrete will minimize installation time, increase site safety, require lower headcount on site and reduce dependence on weather conditions for progress.

Environmental impact & economics

Our components are produced in a controlled factory environment by trained personnel. 

The ingoing materials are designed, validated and selected after applying stringent quality controls and allow for efficient use of resources and full adherence to all relevant standards.

Precast concrete requires significantly less cement compared to traditional concrete and reduces CO2 emissions by 40 percent. Our premium precast products reduce emissions by up to 75 percent compared to traditional materials. By investing in research and innovations, we will continue to introduce new more sustainable products which will further reduce our impact. We will continue until we reach climate-neutrality in all products and productions.

In Consolis, we have a certified product line named Green Spine Line® that will help our customers make a real difference in their journey towards CO2 neutrality. As of now we can offer Green hollow cores in Finland and in Sweden. With 40 percent lower CO2 emissions in Finland and 19 percent lower CO2 emissions in Sweden compared to industry standard, our hollow cores can truly make a difference. We’re now pushing the pace to make green hollow core slabs available on more markets.