Logistics centres built with Consolis solutions

The change of the retailing sector, notably with the development of e-commerce, has gradually transformed the logistics sector. The need for warehouse buildings has increased, and the buildings themselves have undergone profound changes by becoming bigger, higher, more mechanized or even automated, as well as more ecological.

From last-mile warehouses to large distribution centres, Consolis offers flexible construction solutions to help industry players meet their logistics challenges. Fast, efficient and reliable, precast concrete allows for long term durability as well as low maintenance. Here are some references in this field.

PTDC Logistics Center

Area: 190,000 m²
Location: Sipoo, Finland

The PTDC Logistics Center, located in Sipoo near Helsinki, serves grocery retailers. It covers 190,000 m² making it the largest element-based building in Finland but also the largest freezer (info: 2018). The building frame is made of precast concrete supplied in part by Consolis. This extensive project was carried out with the use of BIM models to monitor and manage the precast unit supply chain. The project has kept to the schedule set to deliver and install all elements, including all the milestones along the way, and the frame was handed over and received on time. The building was admitted a BREEAM Excellent certificate as a mark of the environmental achievements and overall sustainability of the project. The high rating was achieved by investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. As a result, the carbon footprint is one of the few things in the gigantic building that is modest in size.

> A project of Parma, Consolis’ Finish subsidiary.

Panattoni Park Łódź East

Area: 186,900 m²
Location: Łódź, Poland

Panattoni Park Łódź East is a modern distribution complex offering a wide range of solutions in warehousing, logistics, and distribution – facilitating trade in the European region. It is situated in the east part of Lodz, only 10 km from the city centre. The strategic location allows the park’s employees to use public transport, and customers are guaranteed easy access to qualified employees. For the construction of Panattoni Park’s last extension, Consolis delivered a new type of roof girder. The new form allows the production of girders up to 25m spans. The use of an optimized cross-section and large openings made it possible to create a girder that can compete with steel roof structures on the Polish market.

> A project of Consolis Polska, Consolis’ Polish subsidiary. Developer: Panattoni Europe.

Cabanillas del Campo Logistic Platform

Area: 150,000 m²
Location: Guadalajara, Spain

Inaugurated in 2017, the complex of 150.000 m² is located in Cabanillas del Campo, one of the main logistics centres of the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the most important strategic areas in Spain for large national and international operators due to the direct connection to motorways. The platform has a modern design and meets logistics operators’ highest expectations. Consolis provided the following precast elements: T-shaped beams, columns, and walls. The project has strengthened the region as a logistics and industrial centre in Spain.

> A project of Tecnyconta, Consolis’ Spanish subsidiary. Developer: Montepino.

Zalando Fulfillment Center

Area: 130,000 m²
Location: Głuchów, Poland

Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion and lifestyle platform, has started its partnership with DHL Supply Chain to run the operation of the Zalando fulfilment centre in Głuchów near Łódź. Głuchów is one of three fulfilment centres for Zalando in Poland, serving Zalando deliveries to customers from all markets, especially Poland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Approximately 2,500 new jobs in Głuchów will be created in the long term due to the establishment of the new logistic centre. Consolis provides the precast elements for the 130,000 m² structure.

> A project of Consolis Polska, Consolis’ Polish subsidiary. Developer: Goldbeck.

PEPCO Logistics Center

Area: 100,000 m²
Location: Gyál, Hungary

PEPCO, one of the largest non-food retail chains in Central and Eastern Europe, is currently building a 100,000 m² distribution centre in Gyál. The designer, producer, and assembler of the prefabricated reinforced concrete building structure is Consolis. Due to the large size of the building, thousands of precast elements are needed: pocket foundations, columns, beams, purlins, and slabs. Starting from the spring of 2020, 400 new jobs will be created due to the establishment, and this number will be further extended to 1,000 people in the following two years.

> A project of ASA Hungary, Consolis’ Hungarian subsidiary.

Pennala Logistics Center

Area: 100,000 m²
Location: Orimattila, Finland

Posti Group Corporation is the main Finnish postal service delivering mail and parcels in Finland. The logistics operations are run under the Itella Logistics brand. Completed in 2013, the Pennala logistic centre offers storage space of over 100,000 m² for Itella Logistics customers. The platform occupies an area equals to 10 football fields. It is an energy-efficient building using environmentally sound technology, such as a hybrid heating system and energy-saving wall panels. With a strategic location in the centre of trade and customer network it also increases logistical efficiency and decreases the carbon footprint of transports. By employing 200-300 people, the business has a significant impact on the region.

Parma supplied the entire precast structure of the building. The frame is a pillar-beam structure and the roof is made of TT-slabs. The internal column grid of the warehouse (22m x 11m) was designed to meet the shelving system used by Itella.
> A project of Consolis Parma, Consolis’ Finnish subsidiary. 
Architect: Hartela.

RIMI Baltic Warehouse

Area: 85,000 m²
Location: Riga, Latvia

Rimi, one of the fastest-growing retailers in the Baltic states, is expanding its warehouse in Riga. The new premise, which is currently in the assembly phase, features a precast structure supplied in part by Consolis. As a result of the logistics centre project, the Rimi storage premises will become three times larger, reaching 85,000 m² . Once completed, it will become the largest building constructed in Latvia since the independence in 1991 and the most modern logistics centre in the Baltics. Calculations show that the new logistics centre and centralized delivery of goods will allow Rimi to lower CO2 emissions by 1300-1400 tons per year and save up to 500,000 litres of fuel. > A project of Consolis Latvia, Consolis’ Latvian subsidiary.

TRC Park Transilvania

Area: 80,000 m²
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

TRC Park Transilvania is the largest industrial park in the Cluj-Napoca area, located 5 minutes distance from the international airport and 10 minutes from the extended central area of the city. The total park size is 20 hectares and includes various types of buildings from logistic and distribution to cold storage. The developer’s aim was to build facilities meeting the highest sustainability standards while lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Consolis provided the entire precast structure of TRC Park’s last building extension. This new building covers a surface of 13,300 m².

> A project of ASA Cons Romania, Consolis’ Romanian subsidiary.

JYSK Distribution Centre

Area: 75,000 m²
Location: Uldum, Denmark

JYSK, the Scandinavian furniture retailer, was the first to build a clad-rack warehouse in Denmark. Clad-rack buildings are technologically advanced storage solutions that enable the storage of palletized goods on high heights (above 40 meters). The facilities are equipped with automated systems and robotic equipment for the handling of goods. The central warehouse is Denmark’s largest distribution centre. Consolis provided a full range of precast elements for the construction of the warehouse, including beams, hollow-core slabs, TT / TTS elements, columns, walls, and facades elements.

> A project of Spæncom, Consolis’ Danish subsidiary.

VGP Park Timisoara

Area: 70,000 m²
Location: Timisoara, Romania

VGP Park Timisoara is located in Timisoara city which is with its 450,000 inhabitants one of the biggest and most important cities in Romania. Developed in several phases over 2012-2016, the modern logistics park comprises 70,000 m² of GLA. VGP Park offers the possibility of complete adaptation of the warehouse to the requirements and specifics of the future customer – from layout to technological solutions. Our precast solutions were chosen to build several industrial park halls, from 10,000 m² to 20,000 m². Final customers of the logistic platform include DB Group, Quehenberger, Cargo Partner, DHL.

> > A project of Learn more about ASA Cons Romania, Consolis’ Romanian subsidiary.

Amazon Fulfillment Center MAD8

Area: 56,000 m²
Location: Getafe, Spain

For its latest project, INBISA selected Consolis construction solutions to build a state-of-the-art logistics center for e-commerce players. Fulfilment centres by Amazon allow small and mid-size businesses to enable faster delivery for customers. The 56,000 m² platform was constructed in 10 short months. The building relies on a precast structure subdivided into eight large modules of approximately 7,000 m². Amazon moved into the building and began operating in 2018.

> A project of Tecnyconta, Consolis’ Spanish subsidiary.

Photos credits:
© Consolis, © Alan Murray-Rust (CC BY-SA 2.0)