Innovation: Smart tunnel lining segments

For most tunnel designers, the follow-up of a construction works is a complicated task that requires visual inspections. Using RFID technology improves the inspection experience by providing accurates datas about the construction.

Using of smart concrete solutions, Consolis developped a precast tunnel segment where the material itself contains microchips that allow it to communicate a wide range of information once installed.

Forerunner in France for smart tunnel segments

Consolis incorporated radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips in its tunnel lining segments installed in the metro tunnels in Rennes, France. Bonna Sabla, Consolis’ French subsidiary, is a precursor in terms of quality and innovation in this field.

Smart concrete technology with embedded microchips

The integration of radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) in the precast concrete segments enable communication of a wide range of information once the products are assembled and fully installed. The chips can provide datas such as the composition of the material used, date and time of a specific manufacturing process and quality checks, installation procedures, reference numbers for wear parts such as joints and seals, and data on pre-installation quality checks.
Discussions are underway with the Public Works companies to allow them to benefit from the “Smart tunnel segment”: supply management, digital mockup to know at any time the positioning of their voussoirs, predictive maintenance, etc …

Innovation and expertise of large-scale projects

Bonna Sabla, with its capacity for innovation and an industrial tool capable of evolving according to the needs of its customers, also benefits from a proven experience in cooperation with major public works companies on major projects. Its organization – from design, through manufacturing processes, to delivery – enables it to ensure end-to-end monitoring and traceability of the project, guaranteeing strict compliance with deadlines. A key point in a tunnel project where the manufacture of tunnel segments has a major impact on the general planning.