/ Acting as a responsible corporate citizen

People @ Consolis


Safety as top priority

Corporate responsibility: the way we act both collectively and individually


Entrepreneurial spirit: freedom to propose and try new initiatives

People accountable and passionate 


Open to differences and valuing diversity (all kind of people / beyond gender)

Authenticity and humility

Safety First

Because no one working for or with Consolis should get hurt,
we are committed to conducting our business safely.

Safety has to be incorporated into all aspects of our business and at all levels.

We believe in visible leadership and personal responsibility
for safety at every level of our organization:

  • Management is accountable for prevention of accidents.
  • Everyone working for Consolis is expected to demonstrate professional and safe behaviour.

Our aim is to develop a zero accident culture. Safety is everyone’s business and to anchor this culture we need everyone on board.

All together, we will foster a safe workplace.

Our objective is to reach a Frequency Rate 1* (tracking of lost time accidents) below 2 by end of 2022.

* The frequency rate 1 is the number of lost time accidents (work stopped more than one day) during a period of 12 months by one million hours worked.

Acting as a responsible corporate citizen

Towards our global workforce, our customers and local communities

  • Company Code of Conduct to mobilize our workforce

Aiming to limit our environmental footprint by proactively addressing pressing issues

  • We work to reduce our environmental impact such as:
    air and water quality, improvements in energy efficiency, producing less CO2 and waste, implementing recycling practices