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More than 100 years of expertise in construction !

The Group has accumulated more than 100 years of expertise in construction and has operated under the Consolis brand since the 2005 merger of the Consolis group (led by Consolis Oy Ab) in Finland and the Bonna Sabla group (led by Bonna Sabla SA) in France.

Consolis Oy Ab descended from Partek, which was founded in Finland in the 18th century and began producing concrete products in 1958. Partek later merged with Strängbetong in Sweden to become Consolis Oy Ab. By the time of the merger with Bonna Sabla, Consolis had become the largest manufacturer of precast concrete elements for the building market in Europe. The Bonna Sabla group, a leading French producer of precast concrete products, evolved from Bonna, founded in 1894, and Sabla, founded in 1892 and renamed in 1942. Both companies, which merged in 2001, manufactured concrete products for construction and civil engineering.

The current Group’s predecessors contributed significantly to the evolution of the precast concrete market. For example, Aimé Bonna’s original 1894 design of a concrete pipe with internal steel reinforcement has been widely adopted and has been the pressure pipes industry’s standard for more than 100 years. Similarly, in 1916 the engineer Edmond Vagneux proposed the use of precast concrete for rail sleepers and subsequently founded the Sateba company (later acquired by Bonna Sabla) to begin manufacturing these in France.

In addition to organic growth, the Group has also grown through acquisitions in various geographic areas and end markets. From 2014 through 2016, the Group consolidated its manufacturing footprint.

In 2017, the Group was acquired by its current principal shareholder, Bain Capital.