/ Famous trains are running on Consolis sleepers

24 March 2016

Consolis Rail is the European leader in the design and manufacturing of precast concrete sleepers and bearers. We operate in 14 countries and manufactures more than 3.5 millions concrete sleepers each year. We serve an extensive number of end markets, such as high-speed and main lines, urban transportation, heavy haul freight and mining freight, with ballasted and ballastless solutions. We listed here some major rail projects in which Consolis contributed.
Today, all these trains are running on Consolis concrete sleepers or bearers.

Eurostar / UK

The High Speed 1 (HS1), also called Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), is the main line of Eurostar. Around 260,000 twin block sleepers made by Consolis SBC Rail were installed on its tracks in the UK. SBC Rail is part of Stanton Bonna, the UK subsidiary of the Consolis Group.
Learn more on Stanton-bonna.co.uk

LGV / France

The french high-speed railway network is the 4th largest railway line in activity in the world. SATEBA manufactures the concrete sleepers for the main TGV lines since 1978, the first implementation of a high speed line in France from Paris to Lyon. Also, the world high-speed train record (574.8km/hr) was achieved by SNCF on SATEBA sleepers. SATEBA joined Bonna Sabla in 1975.
Learn more on Sateba.com

ICE / Germany

Built by Siemens and operated by Deutsche Bahn, the ICE Intercity-Express high-speed lines are connecting the major cities of Germany.  DW Systembau, Consolis German subsidiary, provided bi-block and monoblock sleepers for the project, with the highest quality requirements asked by Deutsche Bahn.
Learn more on Dw-schwellen.de

LGV / Morroco

Currently under construction, this rail line will welcome the first high-speed train of Morroco. The factories of SATEBA, located in Casablanca and Kenitra provided the mono and twin block sleepers of the line.  The Tangiers-Kenitra high-speed rail line, 420 kilometers long, needs 700,000 precast concrete sleepers.
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PKP Intercity / Poland

WPS SA is one of the biggest manufacturers of sleepers, turnout bearers and railway crossings in Poland. Member of Consolis group, WPS delivered more than 13 million precast concrete sleepers to the Polish Railways for the last 40 years.
Learn more on Wps-sa.com.pl

Norrtåg / Sweden

Also called, the North Bothnia Line, this railway is a high-speed railway line connecting Umeå and Luleå in Sweden. In 2010, Strängbetong Rail manufactured and provided the precast concrete sleepers of the 190km long line.
Learn more on Stranbetongrail.se

Malmbanan / Sweden

The “Iron Ore Line” is a 398 km long railway line located in the North of Sweden. The Swedish Transport Administration called upon the Consolis company Stränbetong, to provide monoblock sleepers for its mining lines. The sleepers were designed to endure very harsh climatic conditions such as temperatures reaching minus 40°C, the presence of snow and ice, and regular freezing and thawing cycles between summer and winter.
Learn more on Stranbetongrail.se

Äänekoski Freight Line / Finland

The Finnish Transport Agency has signed an agreement with Parma Rail for sleeper deliveries for the period 2016-2017. This year, Parma Rail will produce 75 000 sleepers and most of them will be used to improve the track of the railroad connecting  Äänekoski to Jyväskylä. The rail infrastructure needs to be improved to support the new bioproduct mill of Metsä Group, currently in construction.
Learn more on Parma.fi

Eesti Raudtee / Estonia

In order to build and to maintain the heavy haul ransportation railway lines, more than 400,000 monoblock sleepers for 32 tonnes axle load traffic were provided by Consolis’ Estonian subsidiary Swetrak.

Read more about Swetrak on Consolis website

Flåm Railway / Norway

Spenncon is producing railway sleepers and track switch sleepers in concrete to the the Norwegian national railway network for over 40 years. In 2015, Spenncon signed an new agreement with Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail) in order to the deliver all concrete sleepers for the next 10 years.

Read more on SpennconRail website

SENA / Mozambique

The Sena line railroad connects to the coal fields of Moatize to the port of Beira. SATEPOR, Consolis Portuguese subsidiary, provided the 60,000 metric gauge monoblock sleepers for the rehabilitation of the mining freight line.

Read more about SATEPOR on Consolis website

Bergbahn / Germany

Mountain regions counts many steep grade railways. In Germany, the steep grade railway are used for public transport, for freight transport as well as for the tourism industry. Consolis DW Schwellen produces the presstressed concrete sleepers for the Deutsche Bahn network of narrow-gauge railways.

Read more on DW Schwellen website

From design to maintenance

Consolis Rail is not limited to the manufacturing of sleepers and bearers, but offers a full services of engineering solutions, from design to maintenance. Leader and well known in Europe for its rail expertise, Consolis can produce 3.5 millions sleppers annually.

Consolis Rail’s portfolio, with 50 products and 180 elements, is the widest available. It includes mono and twin block sleepers, slabtrack and bearers as well as prefabricated railroad crossing surface, foundation piles or modular concrete panels for level crossings and station platforms. The rail activity serves a large spectrum of end markets such as classical rail, light rail and mining.