Carbon Cure

Consolis Tecnyconta adopts CarbonCure Technologies to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Consolis Tecnyconta, a leading provider of precast concrete solutions in Spain, is engaging in a long-term cooperation with CarbonCure Technologies, a climate tech company offering a suite of technologies that reduce and remove carbon dioxide across the concrete manufacturing process.

This strategic partnership with CarbonCure will be key to develop high quality precast concrete products with lower carbon dioxide emissions, so Consolis Tecnyconta can help customers to build smarter and more sustainably. This is the first time that this technology is being applied in precast concrete elements in Spain.

CarbonCure’s innovative technologies inject captured CO2 into fresh concrete. The CO2 immediately mineralizes and becomes permanently embedded in the concrete, while also allowing a safe reduction in cement content. With CarbonCure, precast concrete producers can reduce the carbon footprint of their concrete, resulting in a more sustainable product without compromising its quality or performance.

Carbon Cure

A collaboration that will have the scientific support of the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc).

Consolis Tecnyconta and CarbonCure will have the support of the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc), a national reference center belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The main activity of the IETcc-CSIC is research in the field of construction, carrying out innovative research related to more sustainable building materials, including the development of new cements with a lower carbon footprint, functionalized cement-based materials, or the design of new concretes, among others. IETcc-CSIC is very interested in the application of this technology. Their participation in this project will allow them to study the mechanical and durable properties of the developed concrete, evaluating the advantages and looking for possible weak points for improvement. They will carry out all the technical tests and trials necessary for the development of this project.

Consolis Tecnyconta: at the forefront of the precast concrete sector in Spain

Consolis Tecnyconta is part of Consolis, a leading European industrial group providing sustainable and smart precast concrete structures for the building and utilities sectors. Tecnyconta is one of the most important precast companies in Spain and since its creation has always sought excellence and customer satisfaction through innovation.

“This partnership between Consolis Tecnyconta and CarbonCure is an important step in the reduction of the climate impact of concrete, which is one of the most important challenges the construction industry faces. We have in Consolis Tecnyconta the strong commitment to lead our teams’ efforts towards innovation and sustainability, in collaboration with the community to drive our purpose of Well-built for well-being,” said Marcelo Monteiro Miranda, MD of Consolis Tecnyconta.

“We are thrilled to partner with Consolis Tecnyconta to bring our hardware and software solutions for lower carbon precast concrete to Spain,” said CarbonCure Chair and CEO Robert Niven. “This is an important milestone for CarbonCure in deploying our technologies and advancing concrete sustainability across Europe and around the world. We look forward to ongoing collaboration and innovation with Consolis Tecnyconta to support its field-leading commitment to sustainability and to produce even greener concrete for its customers across Spain”.

Mikael Stöhr, CEO of Consolis, said: “Consolis is committed to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi), to reach net zero global emissions by 2050. Entering cooperations with climate tech partners is an exciting and important step for Consolis and will be key to unlock the environmental challenges in our industry”.


Carbon Cure
Project carried out with materials manufactured by Consolis Tecnyconta in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).


About Consolis
Consolis is the European leader in precast concrete solutions providing highly engineered and sustainable solutions for the building and utilities sectors. Together with our customers, we create beautiful buildings and infrastructure with the qualities to serve local communities for centuries to come. Well-built for Well-being, that is our reason to be.

We believe in responsible industry leadership, and we are committed to lead the sustainable transformation of our industry. Consolis employs over 9 000 people in 17 markets throughout the world. The group generated 1.1 bn EUR sales in 2021 excluding the assets that have been divested.