Working at Consolis

Have you explored your career opportunities yet?

Do you want to work in a company that strives to build the most beautiful, innovative and sustainable social environments? At Consolis we are constantly looking for new employees with the right experience and competence. 

Our business spans over 17 countries and our companies employ a total of 10,000 people in various roles – from design, construction, project management, sales and marketing, to production and assembly. 

At Consolis, you’ll get the opportunity to grow through small and large projects, and with a continuous flow of exciting challenges. You’ll be close to the decisions, always with the opportunity to influence. Our business is depending on the right-caliber people that enjoy a culture of change, continuous improvement and a strong focus on development and cohesiveness. We have a sharing culture where we help each other develop, individually and as a group, to achieve better results. Our collaborative approach goes beyond our own teams and stretches all the way to our customers. 

A safe and secure work environment is a top priority, and we expect participation and personal responsibility from everyone. 


Our values​

Consolis’ values guide us in collaborating with colleagues and customers around the world. The values reflect key behaviors that we believe are essential for our culture and our success. They define how we do things and support us in reaching our goals.

Safe and Friendly

A safe culture where people can achieve their full potential


A sharing culture where we help each other and become stronger – as a group and together with our customers

Results oriented

An action-oriented culture, where we focus on getting things done

Employee development

As a leader in our industry, we must continuously develop market leading products and solutions. To be able to do so, we need an agile and learning organization, where people can grow, advance and feel empowered to develop new ideas and initiatives. Our staff is our most important asset, and along with training and leadership development, there is no end for a successful career within Consolis.

We offer training programs, covering everything from technical skills to project management and leadership. Many trainings are provided locally. We also run group common development activities on safety, sustainability, new technologies etc. By continuously investing in our staff, we bring inspiration to the organization and ensure the long-term quality of our products and services.

Diversity and inclusion

We welcome YOU.

We are committed to be a diverse and inclusive organization. It does not matter where you come from, how old you are, what gender you represent or what your preferences in life are; what matters is the competence and experience that you bring to our teams.

For Consolis, it is vital to attract and retain skilled employees, and to build high-performing teams. And to perform, we know that people need to feel at home. Therefore, we offer an inclusive culture where everyone can expect openness, fairness, trust and respect.