/ Residential Solutions

From design to delivery

Through our collaboration with architects and engineers at the design phase of building projects we are present right at the start of the construction chain. Our cooperation from design to erection of a building, enables more efficient management, control and an overall cost-effective process.

We have developed complete construction systems for a broad range of residential buildings:  from hi-, mid-, and low-rise collective housing to individual homes. Our product offer includes precast concrete facades, floors, walls, stairs, balconies and more.  Thanks to our industrial innovations such as pipe floors, integrated hollowcore slabs and walls with space for pipes and conduits, we offer maximum flexibility and adaptability for each project.

 Building homes faster

Consolis’ precast and prestressed concrete is widely used in low-rise and mid-rise apartment buildings.

Our prefabricated elements, such as hollowcore slabs and ready-made sandwich walls, allow a significant decrease in construction time.

Developers and owners know that these two precast elements are a winning combination for finishing projects fast while respecting quality, and generating income earlier with a reduction in overall cost.

Energy efficient construction elements

Consolis uses precast concrete TermoDeck® slabs for increased energy efficiency in residential buildings. The hollowcore slab acts as an energy store providing low-energy ventilation, heating and cooling for the building.

The benefits are low operating and maintenance costs and outstanding thermal comfort.

With this technology, Consolis contributed to the construction of the exclusive Tuletornen residential apartment block in Stockholm and the Lärkträdet passive energy apartment block in Vara, both in Sweden.

Thermal & acoustic insulation

Precast elements like walls and floors offer good thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to concrete’s high thermal mass. An outer layer of good thermal insulation, high airtightness and a minimum of cold bridges in the concrete building envelope ensure that a building is less dependent on outdoor events. Sound and noise are kept out, as are heat and cold, leading to a more stable indoor environment with excellent energy performance. Precast concrete provides year-round comfort to inhabitants and reductions in energy use.

Safe and comfortable

Concrete is one of the most fire-resistant construction materials. Precast concrete does not catch fire, burn or generate toxic fumes. What is more, it maintains its structural integrity even in the most intense fire.

A structure built with precast walls, floors and roof can contain a fire in a specific part of the structure, leaving surrounding areas virtually undamaged. Key benefits are lower restoration costs and insurance premiums.

Consolis precast concrete is perfectly adapted to the needs of the residential market, as it combines the benefits of mass production with customization, in addition to being one of the most sustainable construction materials available.