/ Non-residential Solutions

Flexible and cost-effective solutions

Our expertise in project management, design, manufacturing and on-site erection of precast concrete elements enables us to offer tailored, cost-effective solutions for all types of commercial buildings and public edifices. We have extensive experience in:

  • Public buildings such as stadiums, museums, churches, hospitals, theatres, schools etc.
  • Shopping centres, supermarkets and car parks
  • Offices and hotels

The flexibility of our production techniques means that we can manufacture a considerable range of precast structures such as facades, floors, walls, partitions, lift shafts, straight or helical stair units, terraces, balconies, grandstands and even rock-climbing walls …

7 million m²: CONSOLIS’ annual production of precast prestressed floors makes us Europe´s leading manufacturer.

Optimizing space

Because space is often at a premium for office construction, CONSOLIS has developed complete precast systems, using extra-long-span hollowcore slabs for flooring, to provide total freedom in positioning office areas or workstations.

Thanks to this technology, CONSOLIS is able to create durable extra-large open-floor spaces with high load capacities and a minimum number of columns, or no columns at all. Whatever the desired office layout – open plan or individual offices – CONSOLIS provides commercial building owners a completely customizable space for their clients.

This flexibility enables a lower total cost of ownership and environmental benefits.

Energy efficient construction elements

Precast concrete TermoDeck®

CONSOLIS uses precast concrete TermoDeck® slabs for increased energy efficiency in non-residential buildings.

The hollowcore slab acts as an energy store providing low-energy ventilation, heating and cooling for the building.

The benefits are low operating and maintenance costs and outstanding thermal comfort.

With this technology, CONSOLIS contributed to the construction of the Lyckan project in Sweden.

Using less to make more

Smart building systems Consolis

CONSOLIS’ prestressed hollowcore floors provide maximum flexibility because unit depth, capacity and surface finish are adapted to each and every project.

Thanks to the presence of longitudinal voids in the cross-section, 50% less concrete is needed to manufacture a hollowcore slab, compared to a traditional slab.

Similarly, the low weight of a hollowcore floor enables us to reduce the amount of prestressing steel used by 30%. Less concrete means less CO2 emissions and a leaner design.

Smart building systems for cost-effectiveness and flexibility

CONSOLIS has developed a cost-effective, building solution for the construction of non-residential buildings such as warehouses, production centres, showrooms or logistics hubs. Bashallen® complete building system offers design flexibility, is easy to set up and is cost-effective. The precast concrete elements are manufactured in a quality-controlled factory environment, enabling a shorter construction time, independent of weather conditions.

CONSOLIS Bashallen® buildings offer:

  • Rapid production and installation
  • Flexibility in architectural design
  • Customizable indoor space – no restrictive pillars
  • Outstanding durability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs

Comprising two main components – a saddle shaped double tee roof slab and a load-bearing façade element – Bashallen® buildings go from design to assembly in one to two months. Bashallen’s extreme resistance allows double tee roof elements of up to 32m to be connected directly to the facade walls without internal pillars, creating more space for business. Bashallen® uses sandwich walls complete with an effi­cient thermal insulation material, for low energy consumption and a year-round comfortable indoor temperature.