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Creating value through full project management

CONSOLIS has designed and developed a series of construction systems specifically adapted to the challenges of the industrial building sector.

Our expertise in manufacturing complete building solutions enables us to produce and install systems rapidly and within strict deadlines. Collaborating from the design stage through to building installation, we provide full project management.

Agricultural applications

CONSOLIS provides rapidly installed, precast concrete storage tanks for numerous agricultural applications including biogas production, fish farming, manure and slurry storage, wastewater treatment, recycling and salt storage for example.

The XPREStank® a rapidly installed, circular concrete tank offers several advantages when compared to alternative solutions:

  • Faster production and installation than cast-in-situ systems
  • High resistance to almost all substances
  • Non-corrosive compared to steel systems
  • Non-flammable compared to plastic or polyethylene systems
  • Reduces risk of weed or bacterial growth due to maintenance of low temperatures
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Extremely durable, lasting for many years so an economical solution

Economically priced with installation included, the concrete tanks are available in various heights up to 6 metres with a volume capacity of up to 7000m3. The precast tanks feature a perfect seal as pre-stressed concrete panels are held together with exterior post-tensioned, plastic-covered steel cables.

Exclusive technology ensures XPREStank® customers benefit from advantages including rapid installation, durability, low maintenance and a choice of sizes and volumes to meet customer specific needs. Optimal safety comes with a 10-year warranty on tightness, seal and structural elements backed by independent certifications including ISO9001 and CE marking. Unlike cast-in-situ tanks, XPREStank® provides certainty to project costs and is installed more rapidly to a consistent quality standard.

Agriculture and industry customers who benefit from the chemical resistance of concrete storage tanks include:

  • Water companies with wastewater treatment and final settlement tanks
  • Biogas organisations using ananerobic digestion with slurry tanks and digestate storage tanks
  • Farmers for manure storage and slurry storage
  • Fish farmers for aquaculture

For further information about XPREStank® visit the website at www.xprestank.eu