Our history

More than 100 years of expertise in building materials

Colosseum under white clouds during daytime
The Colosseum in Rome was largely built with concrete and ever since it has been one of the most commonly used building materials globally – and an important backbone of society. Composition, durability, fire safety and other technical qualities have continuously evolved, and with precast concrete the industry has taken a giant leap in terms of energy-efficiency, circularity and CO2 reduction. Traditionally, concrete constructions have been cast on site. Today, by manufacturing precast concrete modules in controlled factory settings, construction has become faster, smarter and much more sustainable.

Sustainable precast concrete is where Consolis’ history originates. The group has operated under the Consolis brand since 2005 when two European industry leaders merged. Their predecessors had accumulated more than 100 years of expertise in building materials and contributed significantly to the evolution of the precast concrete market.

Today, precast concrete requires less cement, and reduces CO2 emissions by 40 percent compared to traditional concrete. The most efficient Consolis product, Parmagreen Precast, can even cut CO2 emissions up to 85 percent compared to other building solutions. Our ability to innovate and the industry’s commitment to climate-neutral concrete mean that we are confident about precast concrete as an important material for the societies of the future.

Since 2005, the Group has been a sustainable leader in our industry. The Group has grown organically and through acquisitions in various geographic areas. Since 2017, the Group is owned by Bain Capital.

With 8,000 employees and 20 companies in 17 countries, the Group generated sales of €1 billion in 2022.