As a pan-European leader in precast concrete, Consolis operates in 17 countries, including various economic and sociocultural environments.

Our international footprint can expose us to safety, security, health, environmental and ethical risks. Consolis takes its responsibility seriously towards its various stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, partners and investors. 

Consolis has made compliance and ethics the key elements of its business principles – by compliance, Consolis means behaviours in line with all internal company guidelines and applicable laws and fully respecting  ethical principles. Our commitment to compliance and ethics requires all employees to play an active role in ensuring that we behave in an exemplary manner towards the company and in our business relationships. This means rejecting all forms of corruption, avoiding conflicts of interest, complying with competition law and other applicable laws and protecting our assets and resources.

Consolis has a Code of Conduct and policies that apply to all its employees, setting out strict rules and clear governance regarding business ethics. 

The Group has a zero tolerance approach to non-compliance as reflected in Consolis’ Code of Conduct and policies. 

Significant resources are deployed within the Group on matters of compliance, with the assistance of the best-ranked law firms and compliance-training providers in all jurisdictions where it operates. This training includes e-learning modules on compliance-related topics (such as Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption and Competition Law), as well as physical on-site training of our local teams. To ensure full understanding of what compliance means and how we can ensure that each and every employee conducts Consolis’ daily business ethically and with integrity, our Code of Conduct is available in 17 working languages. In addition, to prevent and tackle any potential misconduct within the Group, the Group has an internal alert channel hosted by a third party service provider.


The Group will not tolerate any violation of the law or of its internal guidelines and policies. We are completely committed to ensuring that business is conducted ethically, based on our values, and in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Whistle blowing system

Employees, customers, suppliers, partners, investors and any other stakeholders of Consolis are encouraged to report any conduct that they believe is in breach of Consolis Code of Conduct, Suppliers Code of Conduct, policies or applicable laws and regulations. Any potential issues shall be reported via Consolis whistle blowing tool, a service that is provided by a third party.