Connecting people, places & countries

CONSOLIS Rail is a European leader in designing and manufacturing concrete precast railway infrastructure solutions: sleepers, bearers for switches and crossings, catenary foundations, level crossings… CONSOLIS Rail also provides a range of engineering services.

We contribute to connecting people, places and countries by working closely with national railways and their contractors, to provide technology leadership in design and production, technical training, and the design, construction and operation of sleeper factories. Our global offer includes products and solutions for all market segments: high speed lines, main lines, urban network and heavy haul & mining.

Being an industry leader is not simply a question of sales. In addition to being at the forefront of innovation, it demands the ability to understand the economic and technical constraints of each railway infrastructure project and the challenges that each client faces – and we do. Our strong R&D programmes, production capacity and increasing expertise gained through the high volume of concrete sleepers manufactured every year; enable us to offer numerous solutions to:

  • Increase reliability and quality
  • Reduce installation time
  • Limit ground born vibrations
  • Decrease maintenance costs

A recognized industry expert

Our rail solutions are trusted by some of the world’s top national rail network operators.  CONSOLIS Rail participates actively in the development and evolution of European standards (such as the CEN working group for concrete sleepers) and national standards: 90% of recent rail infrastructure products developed in France, Portugal and Morocco were co-developed with CONSOLIS Rail. We have experience in working with many different railway standards (EN, AREMA, …) and with all types of fastenings and gauges.

Innovative solutions bring about lower costs for railway operators

Smart sleepers - Consolis RailLifecycle costs (LCC) are a constant concern for us from the design phase right through to RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) analysis. We offer solutions for :

Easier maintenance :

  • The rail/sleeper interface is the same on slab-tracks and on ballast sleepers, therefore rails and fasteners can be replaced easily.
  • The design of our slab track system enables easy replacement of the sleepers.
  • Our Harmelen level crossing solution eliminates the maintenance that is required on traditional level crossing systems.

Reduced ballast maintenance operations :

  • In minimizing the friction between ballast and sleepers, our under sleeper pad (USP) solutions help in reducing maintenance needs from 20 to 30%.
  • Our points motor ballast guard is a cost-effective precast solution designed to retain the ballast and provide support to switches and crossings.

Reduced track laying time :

  • Our monoblock High Attenuation System (HAS) sleeper is a cost-effective alternative to floating slab tracks (FST), enabling tracks to be laid ten times as fast.